Holy Communion at St Joseph’s:

For many people, this weekend is the first time they will have been back to Church in many months.

If that’s you, welcome back and we’ve missed you! With growing numbers at St Joseph’s in particular, it’s important to make receiving communion as simple as possible so that we keep in line with the guidelines we’ve been given.

To keep the communion queue moving in an orderly fashion, please wait to go forward to receive communion until one of the stewards comes to your pew.

This will help us avoid any congestion in the centre aisle.

The stewards will start from the front of the church on the organ side and move their way to the back.

They will then start from the back row on the other side of the Church and work their way to the front.

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you to the stewards for all of the work they do that allows us to keep our churches open.