Video Mass from St Joseph’s:
Video Mass will continue for those who are still unable to come to Mass, and it will be a recording of the Vigil Mass from St Joseph’s church.

You will have noticed many recent technical issues with the Video Masses. There has been an unfortunate combination of separate things going wrong, after what was a successful start. The Parish Media Team have this week taken delivery of some new equipment, and will hopefully have this tested and ready for this weekend’s Mass. Like many things that look easy, filming a Mass to a high standard is actually surprisingly difficult. We ask that you continue to bear with us as we try to resolve the issues, and thank the Parish Media Team for their hard work. Like most people, they have also learned a lot about technology over the last 6 months!

As usual, you will receive a separate email when this week’s video link is available. Due to learning the new equipment and processes, this may not be until 10 am on Sunday. You can also subscribe to the Parish YouTube channel to be notified when new