Lectio Divina continues on Tuesday 21st January at 7:30 pm in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Rooms.

It is a time of prayerful reflection on the coming Sunday readings.

Everyone is very welcome and transport can be arranged if required by placing your name on the sheet at the back of church.

Readings for the 3rd Sunday 26th January:

Reading 1: Isa 8:23b–9:3
In Galilee of the nations the people have seen a great light.

Psalm: Ps 26:1. 4. 13-14 r. 1
The Lord is my light and my help.

Reading 2:
1 Cor 1:10-13, 17 Make up the differences between you instead of disagreeing among yourselves.

Gospel: Matt 4:12-17
He went and settled in Capernaum: in this way the prophecy of Isaiah was to be fulfilled.