Dedication of St Francis – Inter-faith service: 22nd September
In response to Pope Francis’s invitation to celebrate Creation about 25 people gathered at Our Lady of Lourdes, Haworth.
People of all ages and different faith traditions were represented.
We started around a fire and then the children helped us to focus on a variety of amazing objects before they moved away to make a banner of St Francis.
Peter led a Buddhist meditation on the earth, Deborah showed a piece of her naturalistic weaving, and Father Dennis drew our attention to the statue of St Francis and how his life has relevance for us in living a life of simplicity and care for all creation.
John Drury accompanied our singing and led us in the final blessing by Chief Seattle.
We then shared a simple meal of soup and bread.
Do come along on Friday 11th October to the Parish Meeting & Social Get-Together, and learn how you can be involved with the care of the grounds at Our Lady of Lourdes. Or if you cannot be involved, you may have ideas that you can offer.