The 200 Club September Draw took place at the Bi-Annual Parish Meeting last night. The numbers were drawn by Fr Dennis. The winners are:
1st Prize £100: No 174 – Daniel Parker
4 £10 prizes:
No 137 – Jason Davies
No 61 – Michael Kennedy
No 33 – William Forde
No 37 – Rita Horrocks
Congratulations to our winners. Please remember to collect your winnings.
News Update
Running the 200 Club this past year has been a learning curve and that there were some teething issues with regard to payments and standing orders in the rush at the beginning of the year to get it up and running.
Membership forms with a set of rules will be available within the next 2 weeks for everyone wishing to continue their membership of the 200 Club. The set of rules have been implemented so that we are compliant with the Gambling Act. The membership is open to everyone over 16. Payment by Standing Order is preferred, however, cheques for the full year’s subscription is acceptable.
Be sure to get your form completed and submitted to be in it to win!