You’re invited to come and let your hair down and have some fun at St Joseph’s School on Saturday 23rd June.

Fun things include Face Painting, Penalty Shoot Out, Pot Luck, Ultimate Lemons, Races, Tombola, and more.

Also taking place is the Promise Auction. This auction gives you the chance to bid for things money can`t buy as well as prizes donated by local businesses and supporters.

NB: To add a promise to the auction first go to the Auction of Promises website or follow the link to the cause on the website

or Facebook or follow the link on the email you will receive.

Select the event `Summer Sports Day and Promise Auction.

Click on the `contribute a promise` link – (you will need to enter your details first time).

Enter the details of your promise and click `next` at the bottom of each page.

Your promise will then be uploaded on to the site.

Alternatively, you can also fill in a form at church or email or ring Tony on 07562 995521

Bids can be made online during June for promises listed on this site and the auction will be concluded at the Sports Day on Saturday 23rd June at St Joseph`s School, with promises going to the highest bidders from either the online or on the day bids.

Our target is to raise £500 from the auction which will go towards the buildings fund for the parish.

Please keep checking on the site to see if you need to increase your bid for a promise you are interested in.

Thank You
Tony Nolan