Our Lady of Lourdes twin Parish Partnership with St Joseph’s Parish, Matli, Pakistan.

Our vision: To work together within our own parish, to raise awareness of the needs and interest of our twin parish in Pakistan, through prayer, advocacy and financial support.

Thank you to the supporters from our Parish whose contribution last month totalled £205, an increase of £60. We still have a shortfall of the original pledge of £3,000 pa.

Father Nico, who visited last year, made a presentation after Mass. You can see the photos by going to the Parish website https://www.ourlady-stjoseph.org.uk/gallery/.

Note the box of empty pill bottles. Patients have to bring back the empty pill bottles to show that they’ve taken the medicines and to stop the temptation to sell the TB drugs. Patients are so poor that they could risk their own health by selling their medicines.