Church Offering
Offertory Collection: £1,222.77
Bonus Ball/Coffee: £50.39
Raffle: £100.00
Thank you for your generosity.
The new financial year began on 6th April. We are asked to review our giving and if possible, increase it a little to cover expected expenditure.
The new boxes of Offertory Envelopes (Planned Giving) are now available behind the organ at St Joseph’s and at the back of church at Our Lady of Lourdes.
Contribution through the Planned Giving Scheme, whether using envelopes or by Standing Order is preferred. What is given in the collection at the offertory is an act of worship, a part of the Mass, not an interruption.
I invite the parishioners who give in the loose plate and newcomers to the parish to join the Planned Giving scheme today. A set of Planned Giving Offertory Envelopes will be made available to you if required.
Those who pay income or capital gains tax are encouraged to sign a Gift Aid Declaration Form. This will benefit the parish by a further 25% if you pay tax at the standard rate. It is a free gift to the Parish as a Charity by the Inland Revenue acknowledging the charitable work undertaken by the Parish, ie, responsibility for providing schools and taking care of the needs of the poor.
Finally, please remember the Parish in your will.
Please see Sheila Forde, Eddie Kelly or Tony Nolan for more information.