Parish Social & Fundraising Event
Race Night will take place on Friday 20th April at the Keighley Rugby Union Club in Utley.
Tickets for the event are £3 each or £10 for a family ticket for 2 adults and up to 3 children, under 5s go free. This includes a pie and pea supper, cheese and onion pasty for the vegetarians.
Horses are £3 each and you can buy as many horses as you want.
On the night, the tote will be open and bets are 50 pence and again you can bet as much as you want and on as many horses as you wish.
There is one winner of each race. The owner of that horse will win a prize. There are 8 ordinary races and then the ninth and last race is an auction race.
Tickets and horses are now available for purchase at all Sunday Masses at the back of the Church.