The Council has asked the congregation at Our Lady of Lourdes about their use of the tarmacked land between the railway bridge and the bridge over the beck in Ebor Lane, for parking.

It would be really useful to know how many people at church use this area for parking, and also if they are aware of anyone else who parks there regularly.

They intend to use Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team to clean up the steep banking down to the beck next to Ebor Mill. They also want to try and ensure that future fly tipping is deterred from the Airedale Springs tarmacked land.

They have discussed a number of options including blocking off with concrete blocks, or something which allows limited access, however, the final decision will be with Airedale Springs as landowners.

Please contact Liz Parker, Ward Officer, Keighley West and Worth Valley, Keighley Area Co-Ordinator’s Office, 3 Bow Street, Keighley BD21 3PA.Tel: 01535 618008 or 07582 105006. Email: