The following are on the 5th March rota for Our Lady of Lourdes at 10.30 am Mass. If for some reason you cannot do it, please arrange your own swap beforehand or inform the organiser.

Thank you for volunteering.

5th March
Younger Children’s Liturgy: Sharon Purvis
Older Children’s Liturgy: Tony K
Readers: MaryAnne Loiacono, Sheila Forde
Eucharistic Ministers: Catherine Tildesley, Debra Butler
Refreshments: Team F – Cath, Simon, Fiona

Next Sunday (12th March)
Younger Children’s Liturgy: Clare Cook Daniels
Readers: Tony Nolan, Hayley Louise Mary Nolan
Eucharistic Ministers: Robert Kelly, Paul Cook
Refreshments: Team G – Josephine, Eileen Nolan, Gerry