Streamed Mass From St Joseph’s:

For well over a year, Sheila Forde has recorded and edited our weekly streamed Mass.

This has taken up a considerable amount of her time every weekend and we are so incredibly thankful for all she has done to provide this for our parishioners who were stuck at home and unable to come to Church, especially during the first lockdown.

With the end of lockdown and the easing of almost all restrictions, next weekend will be our last streamed Mass.

For those who are unable to leave home, or still have concerns about coming to Mass in person, the Diocese provides a streamed Mass every weekend from Leeds Cathedral that can be accessed at this website –

Thank you to Sheila and also to all the musicians who recorded so many hymns over the course of the last year for our YouTube channel.

Their efforts were invaluable and really helped everyone at home feel close to the parish community in the midst of the pandemic.