Bradford Baby Bank
Bradford Baby Bank helps mums and their babies in the area by providing them with much-needed items.
Due to the pandemic, there are many parents with newborn babies in need.
Fr Tony has spoken to the Baby Bank and told them our parish would gladly give them a helping hand.
May is a month dedicated to Mary, so it’s apt that we support this organization that helps mums and their babies.
Over the course of May, if you are able to, please donate an item.
Boxes to place donated items will be made available in both of our churches.
They are looking for new unused baby toys that are suitable for babies age 0-6 months.
They’ve asked that we do not give anything that requires batteries.
They are also looking for toiletries for mums, such as breast pads and things they’ll need when going into hospital.
They greatly appreciate any support we can give them.