Update on Parish Building Projects:

All of the major works on the presbytery in Haworth are completed and the flat upstairs is now occupied by new tenants.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave so much time, energy and financial support towards the completion of this project.

A special ‘reopening’ of the parish rooms, which make up the downstairs, will happen in due course when we are allowed to gather together in the space. We can then properly thank all those involved.

At St Joseph’s, there are also several projects on the go.

We will be doing some repair work to stop water from entering the windows.

We are also, out of necessity, updating the lighting since the bulbs the lamps use are now obsolete.

And finally, the sacristy and boiler room are going to be converted into a smaller sacristy and large community room for things such as coffee/tea after Mass.

More information will be available as it comes.

Please support our buildings maintenance fund to complete these important projects.

Online giving for our building fund is also still possible through our Just Giving page at: www.justgiving.com/campaign/haworth-keighley-churches.