Pictures for Pews:

Earlier in the year when the first lockdown ended and Churches reopened, we had children in the parish draw pictures to attach to the ends of the pews that are not being used in both of our churches.

These were seen as a welcoming alternative to blocking or taping them off.

We are now requesting A4 pictures (portrait would be best) from parishioners and their families (probably from the children, but pictures from anyone are very welcome) to place on the pews for Advent and Christmas.

Pictures of the Nativity are of course the first things that come to mind, but drawings of Our Lady and the angel Gabriel, St Joseph, their journey to Bethlehem, or “word art” with words like ‘hope,’ ‘waiting,’ or other Advent/Christmas themes are very welcome.

There are several Feast Days during Advent that could also be an inspiration, such as St Andrew the Apostle (30 Nov), St. Nicholas (6 Dec) Our Lady of Guadalupe
(12 Dec) Several dozen would be needed in total.

Many will come from school, but others can be brought/sent to the presbytery at St Joseph’s, or once public masses resume in early December, you can bring them at that time.

Thank you in advance for your participation!