New Beginnings:
Monday was a great joy for me to be able to celebrate Holy Mass with some members of the Parish Community physically present.
It has been a long few months, where we have all experienced something that we have never experienced before, and certainly did not expect to experience.
I am very grateful for the prayerful support you have both given to me and indeed to one another during this time. Let’s continue to do this.
After all we have been through together, perhaps this first weekend of public Masses is not the best time for me to have to announce that after many happy years in Keighley and Haworth, Bishop Marcus has asked me to move on to a parish in Leeds.
While I am very saddened to be moving, I am confident that your new Parish Priest, Fr. Anthony Rosso, will be able to help you all to continue to build up the church in this area to God’s greater Glory.
Fr Dennis