Steward Training
2 training sessions have been planned for Steward Training.
Ideally volunteers should attend training at the church that they intend volunteering in – but they can attend either if they cannot make the other session.
Training at St Joseph’s at 6 pm on Thursday 18th June
Training at Our Lady of Lourdes at 6 pm on Friday 19th June
Any necessary PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) will be provided to Stewards.
There is a lot of Diocesan issued guidance and rules, which will be worked through at training.
If you have already volunteered and advised Fr Dennis Cassidy, he will be sending out 3 guidance notes by email.
Over 70s can volunteer if they feel that it is appropriate and they don’t have underlying medical conditions.
Stewards will need to supervise and clean! (We have to follow the rules that we have been given)