Window Cleaning & Repairs at St Joseph’s Church
Thank you to Paul, Pepe & Mathew who have worked so hard this past week cleaning and repairing the windows in St Joseph’s Church.
Thank you also to Tim from Aire Valley Chimney Sweeps for the loan of his wagon and scaffolding and also his help on Saturday afternoon cleaning on the Sanctuary.
According to Paul, the stained glass window on Grafton Road no longer has fresh air blowing through them!
There’s still lots to do and while the work is taking place, please have patience and bear with them. They are trying to keep the mess to a minimum.
For your information, the ledges 7 meters up had at least 1 inch of dust on them!
The walls have been brushed down as well.
6 windows down the body of the church, inside and outside, have also been cleaned. Can you spot which ones are clean?
When the Sun comes out it looks amazing!!