Parish Buildings Fundraising Update
The Race Night raised a grand total of £773, and was also a successful social event enjoyed by all concerned!
Huge thanks to all who attended and/or supported these events in any way.
A big thank you to Barbara & Trevor Cox for organising the event. Thank you to Trevor Cox for designing and building the rabbits for the race. Thank you to Barbara Cox and Janet Coppack for the jacket potato supper with the various scrumptious fillings. Thank you to Sam Coppack for managing the races. Thank you to David Walsh for his efforts in selling tickets for the event and the raffle tickets on the night. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out that evening. We wouldn’t have done it without you and everyone else who helped support the event in one way or another.
The Parish Buildings Fund now stands at a total of £14,107.86, of which £4,574.20 has been raised in 2019.
Thank you all for your support and generosity.