In the Preface of the Mass, recently composed from the document Lumen Gentium of the Second Vatican Council, the faith of the Church is clearly expressed: “You would not allow decay to touch her body, for she had given birth to your Son, the Lord of all life.”

On this feast of Our Lady the paschal mystery of Christ is celebrated in a very special way because of the relationship between the Mother and Son, as is stated in the biblical text of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.

In the first antiphon for Evening Prayer we read:
“Christ ascended into heaven and prepared an everlasting place for his immaculate Mother.”

The glorification of Mary is therefore the crowning of her journey of faith and singular grace; it is the feast of her predestination to eternal happiness and glory.

Holy Mass in Keighley for the Assumption, which is a Holy Day of Obligation are at:

St Josephs: 9.30am

St Anne’s 12.30pm & 7.30pm (Sung Vespers at 7.10pm)

Our Lady of Lourdes: 7.00pm